Here you will find birth stories submitted by our amazing clients. If you are a Passages Midwifery client and would like to share your birth story, we welcome your submission! Writing your birth story is an amazing way to preserve the memories of that great event, and sharing them is a fantastic way to help other mothers prepare for their own.

They can be any length you like, and include whatever details you feel comfortable sharing. You may want to include:

– Why you chose midwifery care

– What you imagined your birth would be like, and how it actually was

– How you prepared yourself and your family for the big day

-How you or your attitudes, or your life has been impacted

Please email your stories to Thank you!


David’s Birth Story, by dad Joe

4 pm March 26, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for Patricia’s (P) blouse. The contractions had started, but were very light, so P called Joe(J) and said “it may be tonight”. J said “perfect, I’m just about done work”. P said, "get home and don’t be a j###". So he did with a skip - he was quick as a bee; and blew up the tub for Patricia to see. Their other two woke...

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A Rare Occurrence: the journey and birth story

It has been 7 ½ months since my second son was born and I have been thinking about writing his birth story since the day we welcomed him into our family.  I become overwhelmed with mixed emotions at just the thought of writing it as the experience of his birth comes with so many layers I don’t know where to begin.  I have a feeling his birth story will include the birth story of my...

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Jaxson’s Birth Story

Noreen had been a part of three out of four of my mom's births (mine included), and needless to say my mom always spoke very highly of her. So when I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I knew who I wanted to call. My partner Drew, was a bit hesitant about home birth because like many others out there, he didn't know much about it. At our first visit with Noreen, she explained that...

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Baby Sage and Baby Garnet: 2 Birth Stories

Before I had children, I thought that giving birth was “easy”. I mean it wasn’t called natural childbirth for nothing. Really, how hard could it be?…I have a black belt! I’ve been punched and kicked in the head. I’ve had a ligament torn in my elbow and I’ve had the wind knocked out of me. But, now that I’ve given birth to two children, I am not so ignorant. I am now in awe of women who give...

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Baby Kaden’s Birth Story

Hello, my name is Angele Bedard. How do I begin to tell of the amazing and transformative experience that is child birth. Well, it was during the October moon, 2011, that I noticed I was particularly irritable. I remember having to walk a few blocks and noticed how terribly uncomfortable my winter boots were. And how extremely bitter I was about having to wear such awful boots. This lead to...

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Olive’s Birth Story

On Friday, December 9, I was supposed to go to my November group’s “Meet the Babies” party. I was a bit of a poor sport, and decided to make myself a private appointment with my midwife, Noreen instead. I knew that seeing the other moms with their new babies would put me spiraling into a hissy fit since I, 41 weeks and 6 days pregnant, did not yet *have* a baby. I was checked and found to be 2-3...

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Leia’s Birth: A Very Short Story

As you all know, Leia joined our family today!  I love a good birth story, so I wanted to share ours.  At around 11 PM on Sunday night, I began having some pretty intense contractions.  So I started timing them, mostly to distract myself, and also to make sure that calling Noreen, our midwife, was warranted.  So, after about 15 minutes I called her, and she set off.  I...

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