Passages Pools

A new pool for every birth!
At Passages Midwifery, we believe that cost should not prohibit any family from experiencing waterbirth. Passages Single-Use Pools are available now!

Beautiful, comfortable pools

Passages Pools were designed by Noreen, our matriarch and founding midwife who has supported women through thousands of waterbirths. We have seen the benefits of birthing in water: the increased comfort of the mother, and the gentle entrance of the newborn into their new world. No family should be excluded from this experience, due to cost. That is why we are making these pools.

Passages Pools are:

  • Affordable: Each pool retails for just $99 each! No liner required.
  • Durable: each pool is made with ultra-durable eco-vinyl.
  • Comfortable: wide, inflated sides can support the weight of an adult, and the inflated floor is soft to kneel on. Far more comfortable and deep than a porcelain tub.
  • Single-use: there is no need to worry about purchasing a separate liner for protection against bacteria, as these pools are used by a single family, and not intended to be used again by anyone else.
  • Clear bottom rings allow for midwives and caregivers to illuminate the water unobtrusively, for easier viewing. (and AMAZING photos!)
  • Each of the 3 rings and the bottom inflate separately, making it easier to repair a single puncture without leaking
  • Perfectly sized for use in small spaces: 60 inches x 24 inches
  • The perfect height for mom to lean over or rest her head back. Midwives and caregivers love the height for the ease of checking dilation on labouring mothers, without moving mom.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty with purchase (details found below)




Comfortable mama

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Manufacturer’s warranty: we will replace any pool unused pool within 2 weeks of receipt of purchase if it arrives in any way damaged. Please test your pool upon receipt to ensure it is in top condition.

Refund/ return policy: Refunds will only be granted before the order has shipped. Once the order leaves our warehouse, exchanges can be made for defective products.

Please note that the intended use for these pools is for use by a single owner. They are not meant to rented, sold, or lent out after being used.