Welcome to Passages Midwifery in SW Edmonton!

Midwives Amrit Rai, Katharine Langille, and Samantha Smith-Bird are so excited to offer their services out of our new Southwest Edmonton location!

Our address is 3474 93 Street NW, Unit 207. Our fax number is (587) 689-2296.

To apply for care with Amrit and Katharine, select “Passages Midwifery: Southwest Edmonton” from the waitlist.


Amrit Rai

Amrit Rai

Registered Midwife

I completed my Bachelor of Midwifery Degree at Mount Royal University in Calgary. I was accepted into the midwifery program immediately after completing my high school education. I am originally from Surrey, BC where I grew up prior to moving to Alberta for post secondary school. I am of Indo-Canadian descent and am fluent in Punjabi and English. 

As a child, I always knew that I wanted to work in the field of medicine and had a specific interest in women’s health. When I was in grade 11, I was given the opportunity to go to Ottawa for a week and participate in a program called “Encounters with Canada” filled with workshops focussed on medicine and health. It was there that the seed of midwifery was planted in my mind. I was drawn to a workshop titled “baby catching” run by the local midwives, and from that moment moving forward I knew that midwifery was the path for me. 

I am grateful to all of the families who have welcomed me into being a part of their beautiful and unique birthing experiences. Every birth has taught me invaluable life lessons of strength, empowerment, resilience, love, and unity. I am someone who is passionate about advocating for my clients to have their voices heard. I want to ensure that every individual’s birth experience is centered around their own values and decisions. 

I hope to someday provide midwifery services to marginalized populations of women in underprivileged communities across the globe. I love to travel and have had Midwifery placements in Calgary, Saskatoon, Fort Qu’Appelle, Medicine Hat, and Edmonton. 

I look forward to working with you through this time of transition and new beginnings!

pronouns: she/ her

Katharine Langille

Katharine Langille

Registered Midwife

I knew that I wanted to be a birth worker after the first birth that I attended as a doula back in 2008. I graduated from the Midwifery Education Program at Laurentian University in 2015, and have been working as a full-time midwife ever since.

I was initially drawn to midwifery because of the sheer magic and power of witnessing birth, but what has kept me in the profession has been my growing outrage for how birthing people are grossly treated in the mainstream medical system. Through education, informed choice decision making, advocacy, (and love!) I hope that through doing this work, I can help mitigate the harm and inequities that birthing people often have to navigate within the current system of obstetrics.

Since graduating, I’ve practiced in BC, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and finally am now happy to call Edmonton home where I’ve been working since 2018. When not catching babies you will find me in my garden, cooking up something scrumptious in my kitchen or plunking around on my antique upright piano!

I am humbled to be able to do this work and to be invited to serve as a friend and guide through such an immensely intimate and transformative journey as pregnancy and birth. I look forward to meeting you and your family!

Pronouns: she/ her

Samantha Smith-Bird

Samantha Smith-Bird

New Registrant Midwife

 I hail from a little bit of both of Canada’s coasts with a bit of the middle mixed in. I am so pleased to be working with the Passages team.

I have long felt that health professions were the place for me and pursued a dual program major in Public Health and Geography (medical concentration) while competing as a division 1 athlete south of the border. But I soon found that I felt stymied in my ability to be useful without a clinical skill set. The flame for midwifery was lit during my first pregnancy. At that time I was fortunate to receive midwifery care, before a move to a smaller city necessitated a transfer of care to a physician as there were no midwives in that city. I went on two have more children and was increasingly frustrated by the lack of midwifery services in my area. My public health training could see the incredible value that midwives offered in their evidence-based, person-centered approach and I wanted to be one of them. I would often research midwifery programs in the dark hours of the night while nursing my babies. Finally, when my littlest was seven months old I bit the bullet and applied to the Ontario Midwifery Education Program and was accepted.

My final year of education was spent in Southern Ontario working at Canada’s only midwifery-led and staffed hospital unit. I am so pleased to now work with the skilled midwives at Passages and look forward to being involved in your care.

When not in clinic, at home visits or in hospital, you’ll find me searching for local adventures and treasures with my three boys and husband, curled up with a book, rowing on the water, or hunting for the next travel deal.

Pronouns: she/her