1. How much does midwifery care cost?

Midwifery care is fully funded for residents of Alberta. This includes all prenatal visits, labour and postpartum up to six weeks after the birth of your baby.

2. Is home birth safe?

Yes. Midwives are experts in birth, and home birth has been shown to be as safe and SAFER in many instances for low-risk women than giving birth in a hospital. This statement is supported by a recent study done by a group of doctors that followed all low-risk women in BC. Here is a link to the study: http://ecmaj.ca/content/181/6-7/377.full

3. Where can Passages midwives attend births?

Our midwives can attend home births, and also have admitting privileges at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Misercordia Hospital and the Sturgeon Hospital. We sometimes also attends births at the Lucina Birth Centre.

4. What about VBACs?

If you had a previous c-section delivery, that does not mean you cannot receive midwifery care or have a home birth. Our success rate for VBACs (vaginal birth after Caesarean) is far better than average. If you are looking for a midwife for your VBAC birth, contact us. (Please note that we can only offer VBACs when choosing home birth or hospital birth, as the Lucina Centre does not currently accept VBAC women)

5. Can I see a midwife and a doctor?

A midwife will oversee all of your prenatal care. A midwife can order all pregnancy-related prescriptions, and can access the same labs and order the same tests as a doctor would. We will consult with doctors should the need arise, but otherwise there is no need to see a doctor while in our care.

6. Do you require your clients to hire a doula?

An experienced doula can be a wonderful resource to a mom in labour, but we do not require our clients to hire one. Our motto is “your birth, your way.” YOU choose who you want to be there for the big day.

6. How often do I see the midwife?

We usually begin seeing our clients soon after pregnancy is confirmed, and up until 6 weeks postpartum. Visits are about once a month, until 32 weeks when they increase to every 2 weeks. From 36 weeks until delivery, visits are once a week. All prenatal visits take place at our office in Stony Plain, but we will also arrange 1 home visit for clients opting for home birth. During the week after the birth, we will also arrange 2-3 home visits.