Our Students

At Passages Midwifery, you will often see your midwife accompanied by a student. This student will often be present during prenatal appointments, take part in group discussions, and be present at your birth. We love our students, and love allowing them to develop all of those skills that a textbook cannot. Having a student midwife at your birth, while being a cherished experience for the student, can also be very beneficial for you! Students are an extra pair of hands, when your midwife’s hands are full.  The student will be there to offer extra support to you and your family. Having a student take part in your care, and helping her grow, is a gift from you to future mothers in Alberta.
Madelaine Amyotte, Senior Student Midwife

Madelaine Amyotte, Senior Student Midwife

Tansi! I am a Métis Midwifery Student, Registered Nurse, and Lactation Consultant living in Fort McMurray (Nistawâyâw). Pregnancy and birth has been a passion of mine since the birth of my younger sister when I was 3 years old. It wasn’t until I experienced the care of a Midwife with my second baby that I knew I needed to pursue Midwifery as a career. I am passionate about informed choice and providing evidence based care. I strive to provide safe and inclusive care to all people, and have a special interest in working with Indigenous families as well as the LGBTQ+ community. I look forward to meeting you and bearing witness to your sacred journey!

*Madelaine will be accompanying Heather, Melanna and Amrit during clinic visits, births, and everything a midwife does everyday from now until September 2021!

Pronouns: she, her