Meet our Fort McMurray Team!

We are excited, thrilled and delighted to bring midwifery services to the families of Fort McMurray- Wood Buffalo and surrounding area! Thank you to everyone in Fort McMurray that has made this possible. Our doors are now open, and we are ready to serve you!

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In order for us to see your information, you MUST select Passages Midwifery: Fort McMurray.  And remember, although we wish that every applicant could have a spot, demand is far exceeding the number of spots available. Until you hear from us and your place is confirmed, you should continue to see your family doctor or obstetrician. If you have questions, feel free to reach out. Email Katherine at with your questions, and a phone number you can be reached at, and I will do my best to provide you with answers.


Debbie Mpofu, RMDebbie Mpofu, RM



Debbie Mpofu is excited and honoured to be the first midwife in Ft McMurray! She was the very first regulated midwife in Saskatchewan following Midwifery Proclamation in March 2008. Debbie feels humbled by the support she has received over the years from the  Saskatchewan families, the birthing community, the multidisciplinary health practitioners, alternative health practitioners and the various committees she was involved in. 


Debbie was born in Southern Africa, and emigrated to the United Kingdom to go to university. She undertook a Bachelor of Nursing, Midwifery certification, Public Health (Health Visiting) . She absolutely loved the multidisciplinary approach to health care within geographic boundaries  by named primary health care teams. Hungry for more education Debbie undertook Master’s in Medical Education at the University of Manchester, and taught briefly at the Metropolitan University of Manchester in England. She progressed to undertaking PhD studies at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. Her doctorate examined  Problem Based Learning with students who had English as a second language. Debbie has several publications relating to her PhD studies. 


Debbie and family spent six years in the United Arab Emirates. Here, she worked as an instructor at the United Arab Emirates Medical School attached to Tawam Hospital, Abu Dhabi. Debbie facilitated  first and third year medical students use problem based learning in their approach to maternity care as part of the Family Medicine module. This experience truly opened her eyes to respecting other cultures approach to child birth, she learnt alternative cultural practices at the same time the experience highlighted how “birth has a universal language” that we can all tap into regardless of visible differences.


The move to Saskatchewan Canada in October 1997 was a shock to her system from + 30 degrees Celsius right down to -30 degrees Celsius . Canadians in Abu-Dhabi joked that “when you spit in Saskatchewan it freezes before hitting the ground.” How true this has proved to be. They forgot to mention the beauty of the prairies. Debbie has three amazing grown-up sons, Sabe, Dumiso and Vukie. Vukie took to the ice from age three. (Despite his mother’s reservations.) Vukie played with many hockey teams such as: the  Saskatoon Bobcats, the Saskatoon Contacts and finally WHL with the Red Deer Rebels of Alberta before he entered sports law school in LA. During those hockey years Debbie became a dedicated hockey mom. She learnt to navigate rural Saskatchewan roads to find the hockey rinks. She used visuals and not her GPS to locate places. Most of all she learnt survival tricks and to respect and be friends with the Land of the Living Sky. The Saskatchewan hockey experience will be well used in Ft McMurray the day will come to not only engage urban health care communities, but navigate to rural communities too.


Debbie loves to go snorkeling, travelling near and far. She enjoys , good food, reading, dancing, participating in Pentecostal church activities. She collects and shares African art and craft. Maybe one day join a writing club. To Ft McMurray community , Alberta Health Services and midwifery,  let us start a new midwifery chapter together!

Rita Manu, RM

Rita Manu, RM


Hello, my name is Rita Manu. I am so excited to join Passages Midwives of Fort McMurray.

 I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. My passion for midwifery started at a very young age after witnessing the birth of my younger sister. I was amazed at the wonderful birthing process and could not think of any other thing than MIDWIFERY as a career. 

 I graduated from the Midwifery Training College in Ghana (2010) and practiced as a Registered Midwife in a busy Hospital, managing both uncomplicated and complicated pregnancies and Labour for 6 years before moving to Canada.

I have completed the International Midwifery Preregistration Program at Ryerson University in Ontario. Alberta has always been my dream Province ever since I moved to Canada, despite the cold weather.

I am passionate about providing support and informed choice to my clients. I love the continuity of care system in Canada. It is so fulfilling to see the babies you helped bring to the world grow throughout the six weeks postpartum period, not to talk of supporting parents physically and emotionally throughout this period.

I have a wonderful, busy, talkative 6-year-old daughter Malca, a sweet 3 year old son Calvert and a very supportive husband, Albert.  

I love music, movies, reading, cooking and enjoy spending time with my family and at church when I am not busy catching babies. 

I look forward to working alongside you throughout this wonderful journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


Pronoun: She/ Her